Café Communications

Artificial Intelligence Today

There is still a long way to go till we’re going to have the artificial intelligence known from sci-fi movies that gains consciousness (and eradicates human kind), but in terms of image and voice recognition machines caught up with humans. This is briefly what we learnt from the presentation of Attila Agod and Ferenc Szalai about AI at the event of Café Group, the so-called ‘Breakfast Club’.

by Márton Varga
Rebranding the Visegrad Group

"It doesn’t matter whether you talk about a group of countries or you talk about Lipton tea. The communication has to be clear and understandable." PR Expert Szymon Walkiewicz, partner of Walk and founding partner of weCAN gave an interview to Visegrad Insight on how to fix Visegrad brand.

YouTube – Changing the way we consume content

Looking at the active user base of YouTube, its average is well above 70% throughout Central and Eastern Europe.